The business' purpose must be meaningful

October 11, 2020

Clearly defining your business' purpose is key to the success of your entrepreneurship. Do you know what your value proposal is?

Danelli Jiménez

When one decides to arrive at an entrepreneurial process there are many different topics that need to be tackled; realizing the dream into an established reality, getting clients and/or being profitable in the near future. These are some of the concerns of every entrepreneur; but a more complex issue is going through the stages of conceptualizing and designing the product/service with clear ideas, thereby being able to develop them at a good pace.

For which motive are you enterprising?

There are many different takes on what's the objective of a business. For some the goal is to generate money, others have the goal of generating value, some are driven by being innovative.

Between 2018 and 2020 I've been able to counsel more than 30 entrepreneurs; at the beginning of our interaction I ask: What's the purpose of your business? And they indicate: "I need extra money", "to keep me busy", "I got fired and can't find another job", "I think I'm good at this", "an alternative for my family", "I want to do something important." But what these signals really indicate is THEIR MOTIVATION, not the BUSINESS' PURPOSE.

That's why in this article I need to make this clear. What is the business' purpose all about?

Well, the business' purpose needs to manifest itself on the impact on the client and let that show you the certainty that your enterprise and its discourse will truly be powerful through its capacity of solving problems that no one other than your business can through its commercial offer.

And what do clients buy? What the client is willing to pay for is the value proposal, that benefit they acquire, what attracts them and generates fidelity in them, a link one must know how to manage.

In very human words; that your client perceives that by paying they will receive one of these benefits:

  • Relief of problems.
  • Suppression of frustration.
  • Risk reduction.
  • Expansion of joy.
  • Sense of security.
  • Conquest of obstacles.
  • Generation of a higher good.

The purpose of your business must generate meaning and be relevant, and that you think it's possible is not enough, to guarantee optimal results in your VALUE PROPOSAL you must submerge in a powerful analysis that will reveal what your prospective client needs.

Whether your products are tangible, intangible, digital, financial, for businesses (B2B) or for users (B2C), all enterprises deserve a design through research and testing.

Some of the tools available for these analyses are the business model canvas, customer empathy maps, focus groups, testing, surveys and experience laboratories.

I will mention some examples:

Chef: Increasing gastronomical diversity for celiac people.

Seamstress: Making sure designs are eco-friendly for vegan teens.

Cosmetician: Promoting education about personal care and integral beauty.

Gardener: Harmony for the home and office that evokes tranquility.

Your client must be the center of your value proposal, they will judge you, approve of you or give you ideas to improve, the end goal of this concept's design is matching, meaning, verifying that you are dealing with your client's most important necessities.

Now, with the ideas previously described, is the purpose of your business (conceived or operational) designed to match your clients?

I hope I was able to provide you and your project with some insight on the difficult task that's entrepreneurship, and with it some motivation to empower yourself to make your path brilliant and certain.

Contact information:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danelli-jiménez-alvis/

Instagram: @kairoscoach and @danellijimenez; WhatsApp +56 9 3744 8131.

Organizational Development Consultant and learning facilitator. I carry forward the mission to create and foster consciousness in society, where we all play a leading role, either as businessmen, entrepreneurs, professionals and people compromised with sustainable development. Author of the book: Sentido al Liderazgo.


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