10 ideas to return to work and overcome the fear of COVID-19

January 2, 2021

How to facilitate the return of employees to their jobs and help them overcome the fear and anxiety of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated immense fear not only because of infections but also because of losing one’s job, of not knowing how to manage anxiety, of being in need of learning how to use digital tools quickly, of not knowing how to adapt to new standards, etc., to be obligated to process all the changes caused by this global crisis.

All of this has led organizations to opt for telecommuting as an alternative to continue with the work rhythm but now it’s time to retake the routine in this scenario called “the new normal”, where the remote and in person modalities will conjugate. How to do it without feeling that disproportionate fear that paralyzes and prevents us from making healthy decisions? That’s one of the great challenges that companies face today.

Executives must strive to create physical conditions that allow employees to feel safe and calm within their spaces. Some key strategies to do so are:

  • Creating strict biosecurity protocols.
  • Facilitating protective equipment to the personnel.
  • Preparing offices with structures that promote social distancing.
  • Stating the rules clearly.
  • Organizing rotating shifts for meetings, meals and activities.
  • Maintaining cleaning and regular disinfection processes of the working areas.
  • Having talks about anxiety control.
  • Fostering the union of work teams.
  • Coming up with recreational activities to reduce tension.
  • Speaking regularly to your employees to know how they feel.

The fulfillment of security measures along with the company of people who exercise a warm, calm and empathic leadership, will make the adaptive process of employees easier.

Have you thought about which initiatives you will implement in your company in order to help workers in this context? Think about it, it’s a good time to be creative and leave a positive impact on your team.